From Satya Kalki, Shriram, Satara, Maharashtra
I have told you the prophecy of my avatar through Maharishi Michael Nonsradamus, France. Three sentences in that prophecy are very important. The man who can give the explanation of those words, that is only me, Real Kalki.
1. Monday is the day of rest
2. Thursday is the day of pray
3. 666 Meaning of this number.
If the People who calling themselves as Kalki / Chyren are capable of giving meaning, work and clarity to these above three sentences, then only they are true Kalki incarnation. Otherwise not. Stop immediately, the advertity that one is Kalki. You human being, you are honored for the past many years under the name of False Kalki, now you are full of sin. I, Real Kalki will appear in a very short time. Its my challenge to media. If anyone from them is really a Kalki incarnation as per Hindu culture, then he will address to mankind of India as well as of whole world for the three sentences meanings, works and explanations. And perform the proceedings accordingly. That is because the three sentences that Satya Kalki have imparted in the prophecy. From that on, humans will understand the real me. RUSHI, MUNI, ACHARYA, YOGY ……..? They are unable to identify to Kalki in Kaliyuga. You humans can ask them reason why they cant.
If you all want to see the true Kalki, then do acclamation of my name. KALKIShriram !!!